Dear Sir:

We will be pleased to receive quotation for the supply and install of the item as mentioned on the attached tender forms. Your offer in a sealed envelope shall be deposited in the tender box located in the Procurement Department/SQUH . Our standard terms and conditions apply for the above tender. While submitting your offer, please comply with the following conditions.

1. Only the original tender forms issued by the University Hospital should be used for submitting the offer. However, in case of insufficient space, additional sheets may be attached retaining the same column heading as the original tender form.

2. All the columns provided in the tender documents ( e.g. manufacturer’s name, country of origin, delivery period, model no., cat. No. shelf life) should be filled -in. These columns should not be left blank. In the absence of any information, please write “NIL”, “Not Available” etc. as applicable.

3. Overwriting, erasing or using correction fluid are not allowed.

4. Whenever necessary, samples or brochures/ literature along-with representative samples should be submitted not later than 3 working days after the opening of the tender, failing which offers may not be considered.

5. Delivery period should not exceed 120 days and should always be mentioned in number of days. Please do not use “months”, “weeks”, etc. ….

6. All offers preferably should conform to the unit of measures mentioned in the tender document.

7. This enquiry is subject to all standard terms and conditions of the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, including penalty for late supplies. Mere submission of your offer will be deemed as your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions, unless otherwise highlighted to the contrary.

8. Please reply “ regret no quote” if you are unable to quote.